Tuck: NBA’s Most Hated Players

I’ve noticed a lot of hate in the air recently.  Some people just love to hate.  Some people hate to love.  You may love some of these players.  That’s usually the way it works though.  Guys that are the most hated are also often times the most loved.  Basically, they give you a reason to care one way or another.  As the great Reggie Jackson once said, “They don’t boo nobodies.”

This isn’t scientific.  These are  just my observations talking with people, looking at comment areas of internet articles, and noting opinions on twitter.  You may disagree with someone being on the list, not on the list, or the order of the list.  It’s like anything, you can have your opinion.  This isn’t even my opinion, just my observations.  I don’t really hate anyone.  Some players I like less, respect less, or whatever.  Despite what Jerry claims, I try to stay positive and neutral.

Anyway, here are the guys I think people are loving to hate right now.


262. Steve Nash– After nobody hated him previously, he moves up on the list after joining the Lakers.

134. Kevin Durant– Who are you people?

99. Blake Griffin– The tide might be turning on the Kia Dunk King.

53. DeMarcus Cousins– Too low?

18. Joakim Noah– All the hair and the yelling.

15. Dwyane Wade– The league’s dirtiest player.

12. Chris Bosh– A walking pinata for everything that goes wrong on the Heat, fair or not.

10. Rajon Rondo– Did anyone on the Celtics team like him?

9. Amar’e Stoudemire– Knicks fans just wish he’d go away.

8. Derrick Rose– Popularity takes a hit when you practice, but don’t play, while everyone else on your team plays hurt.

7. Kevin Garnett– I think he becomes less likable every year he plays.

6. John Wall- Becoming a “Can’t win with him” guy quickly.

5. Russell Westbrook– Blamed for Thunder losing when he plays, and now when he doesn’t play.

4. Carmelo Anthony– Dwight not having a title distracts from his short-comings and lack of playoff success.  Plus, he’s like a bigger Allen Iverson to fans (ball-hog).

3. Kobe Bryant– LeBron knocked him off the top of the hill, but still millions gonna hate.

2. Dwight Howard– Unlike Kobe and LeBron, who have enormous fan bases, Dwight barely has anyone in his corner right now.

1. LeBron James– Might surprise, but I don’t think Dwight approaches the same numbers in the hater-department.  Yes, he’s won many people back, but still millions have never forgiven and others can’t wait for him to slip up.