Tuck: NBA Point Guard Injuries

It has been a rough season for NBA point guards.  I just had to do the homework to find out how rough.

It’s pretty ugly.  The results are below.





Derrick Rose- 42^

Rajon Rondo- 44

Steve Nash- 43*

Russell Westbrook- 30*

Eric Bledsoe- 27*

Chris Paul- 19

Jrue Holiday- 18*

Patrick Beverly- 18

Deron Williams- 16

Raymond Felton- 16

Michael Carter-Williams- 12

Trey Burke- 12

Mike Conley- 9*

Brandon Knight- 8

Kemba Walker- 7

Ty Lawson- 6*

Tony Parker- 6*

Mario Chalmers- 6

Jameer Nelson- 5

Kyrie Irving- 3

Stephen Curry- 3

Goran Dragic- 3

George Hill- 3

Jeff Teague- 2

Brandon Jennings-2

Jose Calderon- 1

That is a total of 361 games missed at the All-Star Break for starting NBA point guards.  I counted both Suns guards as they are the only team in the NBA starting two PG’s in their back-court.

Now let’s add up the back-up point guards.  I will try to include guys that would play if healthy, and limit it to point guards (I am not including the likes of Kobe Bryant even though he started at point guard because of other injuries).

Devin Harris- 42

Jordan Farmar- 30*

Steve Blake- 26

Will Bynum- 17

Luke Ridnour- 16

Jeremy Lin- 10

Kirk Hinrich- 10

Beno Udrih- 10

Nate Robinson- 7^

Tony Wroten- 7

Jerryd Bayless- 6

Mo Williams- 4

Jarrett Jack- 2

That adds up to 187 games missed due to injury and counting.

So in total, NBA point guards have missed 548 games due to injury this season.  Two players are out for the remainder of the season and eight players are currently out and dealing with injuries, three of those players don’t have timetables for recovery and may not return.


Looking for some more math to define the impact?  Well, there are 30 NBA teams, so 30 NBA starting point guards (I account for 31 because of the Suns). The average number of games played to this point is 52.  So that is a possible 1612 games.

So 22.4% of starts have been missed across the league.

Furthermore, only five point guards haven’t missed a start.  Ricky Rubio, Kyle Lowry, John Wall, Damian Lillard, and Isaiah Thomas.

Take those 5 teams out of the equation, and you got 26.7% of possible starts missed.

If you concentrate on the most influenced teams.  The top ten teams on the list have lost out on 273 games.  Those ten teams have played a combined 528 games.  That is a whopping 51.7% of their games they’ve been without their floor general!

In other words, 1/3 of the league has been without their starting point guard more than half the season.

Here is to better health for the guys whose job it is to make everyone else better.