Tuck: NBA Players Drafted In 1990’s Still In The NBA

A number of great NBA players played their last game a season ago.  Players like Rasheed Wallace, Jerry Stackhouse, Lamar Odom, Tracy McGrady, Marcus Camby, and Richard Hamilton called it a day.  The final players in the 1994 draft class retired, Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, and Juwan Howard.

Just seeing Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki add to their HOF accomplishments recently got me curious to who the oldest players left in the NBA are.  I included anyone that played in the NBA in the 2013-14 season.


Kevin Garnett- First player drafted directly out of high school in 20 years re-opened the door for many to follow.


Ray Allen- Made more 3-pointers than anyone ever.

Kobe Bryant- One of the ten greatest players ever.

Steve Nash- 3rd on the all-time assists list.

Jermaine O’Neal- Took a few years, but developed into a multi-time all-star.

Derek Fisher- One of the great role players ever.


Tim Duncan- The greatest power forward to ever play.

Chauncey Billups- Bounced around before finding a home and a title in Detroit.


Antawn Jamison- Unorthdox player, but averaged more than 19ppg 10 different seasons.

Vince Carter- Greatest dunker to ever live.

Dirk Nowitzki- 10th leading scorer in NBA history and one of the more unique talents ever.

Paul Pierce- The Truth was a 10-time all-star who ranks in the top 7 in 5 major statistical categories for the Celtics.

Al Harrington- A high school success story that gets lost in the mix.

Nazr Mohammed- NBA journeyman that played for 8 different teams.

Rashard Lewis- 2nd round pick became a fixture in Seattle and Orlando.

Mike James- Undrafted player who has bounced around, but always finds a nitch as a backup point guard.


Elton Brand- Immediate impact, 20-10 (or close to it) for the first 7 years of his career.

Andre Miller- 9th all-time in assists and ironman only missed 3 games due to injury his entire career. Streak of 632 game played in a row ended with a suspension!

Shawn Marion- The Matrix was Mr. Do-Everything and a terrific team player.

Jason Terry- The Jet has had a great career highlighted by his performance in the 2011 NBA Finals.

Metta World Peace- Always will be attached to the Malice in Palace, but one of the great defensive players ever.

Andrei Kirilenko- AK-47 was stat sheet stuffer.

Manu Ginobli- The greatest player in South American history, and 2nd to last player chosen in the 1999 draft.


Here is to enjoying whatever these great players have left to give!