Tuck: NBA Lockout Doesn’t Deter Wild Spending

Eric Gordon 4-years, $58 million

Roy Hibbert 4-years, $58 million

Nic Batum 4-years, $50 million

Gerald Wallace 4-years, $40 million

Omer Asik 3-years, $25 million

Landry Fields 3-years, $20 million


NBA owners have complained about competitive balance and wild spending and we went through a lockout and inserted provisions to help curb those things.  Only it hasn’t really.  And we are just getting started.

There isn’t a contract above that doesn’t make me throw-up in my mouth just a little bit.  Talk about overpaying the middle class.

The NBA should be set up to have an elite upper class, a decent middle class, and huge lower class except owners and GM’s are behaving the exact same way that has gotten teams into financial difficulty and hamstrung organizations with unfavorable contracts.

Is a guy who averaged just under 13-9 in his forth year in the league worth $14 million per season?  Better put, is anyone of that caliber worth ONE QUARTER of your salary cap????  Apparently the Blazers think Roy Hibbert is.  What is insane is that Indiana may think so too!

For the record, I am not sure Deron Williams is justifiable at $20 million (1/3 of the salary cap) per season.  What makes matters worse for Brooklyn is that they actually traded for cap killer Joe Johnson.  The Nets and their fans might feel excited today, but stepping away does that team look like a championship team?  NO.  They do not.  I am not even sure they are good enough to have home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

The Hornets are ready to match Eric Gordon’s offer from the Suns so that they can further impair their cap situation as they attempt to rebuild.  Always a good idea to pay 1/4 of your cap to a non-all-star with knee issues.

Yes, I understand you have to pay somebody, and there is a salary floor to prescribe to, but why commit your money long-term to average guys?  And why spend so much?  Is anybody buying a ticket to watch Joe Johnson?  Roy Hibbert?  Eric Gordon?  Or any of the guys I listed?

Overpaying role players is a death sentence for any team.  Always.

It’s just incredible that after a lockout, owners and general managers are right back at it.