Tuck: NBA GM Survey Says…

The only three teams picked to win the title were the Heat, the Lakers, and Thunder.

Only three teams have been picked by the GM’s in the last ten years to win it all.  Those have been the Lakers, Spurs, and Heat.

The GM’s were right 6/10 times.

The most competitive division is the Atlantic, with Boston as the favorite, but NY, Brooklyn, and Philly all getting votes to win it.  The Northwest division is the only other one where more than two got votes, even though OKC was a major favorite, Denver and Minnesota drew votes.

What is dumb is that you can’t vote for your own team, so Miami voted for Boston to win the East.  That was the only vote that didn’t go to the Heat.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant got all but one MVP vote.  That one other went to Carmelo Anthony.  I’d like to ask that GM why he thinks that.

LeBron was named most athletic for a 9th straight season.  Tough to argue with that.

Who is going to have a breakout season?  Well, 16 players received one vote each.  The Warrior’s Klay Thompson led the way with 4 votes.  Last year James Harden was the pick.  Nice pick.

Kevin Durant received a vote as the best shooting guard, a position he hasn’t played since his rookie season.  He was second behind LeBron at SF.  LeBron was first at SF and 3rd at PF, a position he may start at this season after a postseason and an Olympics of playing time there.

In 2007 Tim Duncan was voted best PF and C.

The Lakers made the best, and the most surprising moves with Nash and Howard.

Good news Magic fans: The GM’s regard both Maurice Harkless and Andrew Nicholson as sleepers for the rookie class.

On the other hand, one GM voted Christian Eyenga, who the Magic acquired as part of the Dwight Howard trade, as an international breakout player.  Orlando cut him today.

Kobe Bryant was named the toughest player in the league.  I’d say so.

OKC has the best home court advantage.

8 players got votes for best shooter.  JJ Redick was not one of them.  Hard to argue with guys that did get votes though.

Ray Allen was voted best shooter, and has been 10 of the last 11 years.  Only Peja Stojakovic out-polled him in 2004.

Kevin Durant supplanted Kobe Bryant as the player they would want taking a shot with the game on the line.  Kobe had been the choice for the past ten years.  Kobe was second to KD.


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