Tuck: Most Hated Players In The NBA

Dwight Howard, come on down.  You have gone from one of the most lovable NBA stars, to public enemy #1.

The Orlando Magic center used to be scolded for smiling too much, and now I can’t remember the last time I saw him smile.  Partly his fault, partly the fault of his team, he is in the news constantly, and never for good reasons.  His story is like a bad Chinese dinner, it just sticks in your stomach and is with you for far too long.

To be clear, Dwight Howard isn’t a bad human being.  He has always been great in the Orlando community, and a model citizen.  He is a fun-loving, and sometimes fresh breath of air to basketball fans at his best.  Right now, it is impossible to see, or even remember that guy.  Dwight has jumped to the top of the list.


10. JJ Redick– Because he went to Duke and because he’s white.

9. Russell Westbrook– Pigeonholed by much of the media as the bad guy in the yin-yang relationship with Kevin Durant.  He doesn’t pass enough and shoots too much for many people, and he can be a little ornery off the court.

8. Carmelo Anthony– For leaving Denver.  For winning just 1 playoff game in two years in New York.  For appearing to be at odds with Jeremy Lin.  And now, for maybe being the best player without a title in the NBA.

7. Joakim Noah– Is it the hair?  Is it the attitude?  Is it his ugly looking shot?  It’s something.

6. Kevin Garnett– From his sideline antics to his on-court bullying and incessant need to goal-tend every shot after a whistle he understandably aggravates many people.

5. Kris Humphries– I would think just women would dislike him, but I know that those aren’t all women booing in arenas across the NBA.

4. Metta World Peace– The elbow to James Harden’s skull reminded everyone of the Malice in the Palace.

3. Kobe Bryant- Probably as unpopular as he is popular.

2. LeBron James– A title, and another year removed soften the blow of his Cleveland exit, but some people still haven’t forgiven  him.

1. Dwight Howard– In a year, he may not be on this list anymore.  Of course, if he isn’t traded this year, he may build an even larger lead on the field.