Tuck: Is Carmelo Anthony About Winning Or Location?

There have been plenty of reports, rumors, stories, tales, and campfire stories about where Carmelo Anthony may go this offseason.  He wanted to play for the Knicks and got his way getting traded from Denver a few years ago.  If he elects to return that is fine by me.  After-all, fans are critical of players that leave tough situations for greener pastures.  Whether it’s commitment or $30 million extra, if he stays in New York, that’s cool.

Question is, if he does choose to leave and take less money, why are people only talking about Chicago or Houston?

Why not Dallas?  The Mavs are a playoff team with a ton of cap space.  They won a title recently and have a superstar future Hall of Famer in Dirk Nowitzki that is willing to resign with his club for pennies to have another chance to win.  It’s a big city with great ownership.

Why not Phoenix?  The Suns have plenty of money, a dynamic duo in the backcourt, young talent on the roster, and might have 4 first round picks in the upcoming draft to add or trade for more help.  It’s a great NBA city that loves their team.

Why not Philadelphia?  They have plenty of money to offer Melo.  The Sixers were historically awful this year, but he doesn’t have to play for this season’s team.  He gets to play with Michael Carter-Williams and a recovered Nerlens Noel.  Philly could have 2 top ten picks in the draft.  He could be the vet on one of the youngest and most talented teams in the league in a huge sports city.

Why not Charlotte?  Stop laughing.  The Bobcats can afford Melo and can have quite the trio in him, Kemba Walker, and Al Jefferson.  It’s not a championship team, but it’s a strong playoff team in the East.


I can’t picture him in Utah.  The Lakers don’t look like an option with Mike D’Antoni as coach.  The Pistons and Magic don’t appear to be good fits with their current rosters.  Other teams would need to pull off sign and trades.  The one that is at least interesting would be Miami.  The Heat’s Big 3 may decide to do something different and perhaps Melo might be that something different.  It would be complicated, but as I started with, it would be interesting.

If winning really is important to Carmelo Anthony than I think he should at least consider the four teams listed above.  They all are on par with Houston and Chicago when you weight roster balance, youth, experience, and the opportunity to win.