Tuck: Heat Rebuild Worth It

Today is a sad day for the Miami Heat. But it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. This rebuild they are about to embark on is worth it.

In the last 9 years Miami has played in 5 NBA Finals and won 3 titles.  They just played in four straight Finals, winning twice.  They’ve gotten to watch 2 top ten players (Shaq and LeBron) and their franchise’s best player and top 5 shooting guard ever in Dwyane Wade.  They’ve been the center of conversation for better and worse.  It’ll be pretty tough to find a sympathetic ear after the decade of basketball Miami got to see.

The Kings didn’t even make the playoffs in the last 9 years.

The 4 years of the King is worth however long it takes to rebuild.

So my advice.

Enjoy whatever Wade has left.  Smile at the thought of great memories.  Enjoy the titles.  Trust Pat Riley to build it back.  Try to enjoy the climb.

That’s what angered some people (and it is what it is).  Miami took a shortcut (and we all wish our team could) by signing free agents in 2010 and trading for Shaq in 2004.  It may not come so easy this time.  That’s alright if it doesn’t.  In a decade Miami experienced more success than 25 other franchises ever have in their histories.

It’s been an incredible run.  The rebuild will be worth it.  Plus, you still got plenty of talent on South Beach.