Tuck: Geography Trouble For The NBA

We just finished arguably the greatest 1st round of games in NBA playoffs history and I am finding a way to not be happy.


I guess I am just bothered by the fact that we just sent home 4 tremendous teams out West earlier than we should have.

If we ignored the East-West would the playoff setup be more fair?  It would create some problems, one being the regular season schedule.  And if we were doing that, why not just realign the entire thing?

I get all that.  It would be a long discussion that by the time we reached a resolution the East might be even with or even better than the West.

Of course, I thought that day would have arrived long ago.  The West has been the better of the two conferences for the last 15 years or so.  The East has produced champions.  The East has had some great teams.  The West has just been deeper, more talented, and better.

Just look at what a no-conference playoffs would have looked like:

1. San Antonio

16. Atlanta

8. Golden State

9. Memphis

4. Los Angeles

13. Washington

5. Houston

12. Chicago

3. Indiana

14. Brooklyn

6. Miami

11. Toronto

7. Portland

10. Dallas

2. Oklahoma City

15. Charlotte

The 8 teams left would have been much different to be sure.  Indiana and Miami would have ended up with much tougher first round series while the Spurs and the Thunder would have likely cruised to the second round instead of being pushed to 7 games.

While the first round may end up be somewhat less appealing, the second round becomes much more so.  Just a thought and something to look at. I know if I was a Rockets fan I would have preferred a depleted Bulls team over the Blazers.  Just sayin’.