Tuck: Chris Paul Joins List Of Greats Struggling For Playoff Wins

Not a club you want anything to do with.  Chris Paul failed again to advance his team past the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs.

CP3 is a great player. Love everything about him.  But when you are great, you’re judged by the highest standards. And unfortunately Paul now adds visible evidence to his inability to get to even the conference finals with his massive choke job in Game 5 against Oklahoma City.

So who else is on the current list of talent not resulting in playoff success?


Kevin Love- Hasn’t even made the playoffs yet, making that best PF in basketball argument harder to make.

DeMarcus Cousins- Boogie hasn’t gotten the Kings to the playoffs yet, but despite his talent he hasn’t made an all-star team yet either.  I am not going to put Kyrie Irving or Anthony Davis on this list yet, just too early for them.

Carmelo Anthony- Got to a WCF with Denver, but has failed to deliver anything close to that in other playoff appearances.

Deron Williams- Jazz made a surprising trip to the WCF in 2007, but his best days as a star are clearly behind him.

James Harden– He did go the Finals with the Thunder, but now has 2 first round exits as a lead-dog with the Rockets.

Stephen Curry- It’s early, but eventually more will be desired than the one playoff series win he has to his credit.  I only listed him because he is so great.

Blake Griffin- Just two playoff series wins in his career.

LaMarcus Aldridge- Picked up his first postseason series win this year.

Dwight Howard- One of the best careers without a title, and like Melo more pressure and attention after changing addresses.

Steve Nash– Best current career without a title, got to the conference Finals a three different times but never to the NBA Finals.