Tuck: Is Cavs Future Better With Andrew Wiggins or Kevin Love?

If LeBron James goes to Cleveland, are the Cavs wise to trade Andrew Wiggins in a deal to get Kevin Love?

Love hasn’t had his name in the news much since the draft, and you’d understand why.  So much of the trade rumors surrounding him had something to do with draft picks.  Oh, and LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have kinda hogged the spotlight. Love wants to win, and although the Cavs weren’t appealing to him before, they certainly will be if they land LeBron James. But would it be wise to send top pick Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota to get it done?

So what would Cleveland have to give up?

Let’s start with Kevin Love. He’s making over $15 million this year.  So the Cavs have to reach a number in that ball park.

Anderson Varejao will serve as the salary piece, making $9.7 million.

Andrew Wiggins would be demanded by the T’Wolves.  He is set to make about $4.6 million his rookie year.

So that works, but shouldn’t/wouldn’t be enough for Minnesota.

If they demand, like in the Warriors rumored deals, that Kevin Martin be included, that’d be another $6.8 tacked onto Love’s $15.7.

Cleveland would then need to part with either Anthony Bennett ($5.6), Tristan Thompson ($5.1), or Dion Waiters ($4.1).

Any of those 3 would make the deal work. It wouldn’t surprise me if future picks became a part of it either.

Okay, so bigger picture question, which Cavs lineup would be more potent, next year, and beyond?

TRADE                                                                      NO TRADE

PG Kyrie Irving                                                        PG Kyrie Irving

SG Kevin Martin                                                      SG Andrew Wiggins

SF LeBron James                                                    SF LeBron James

PF Tristan Thompson/Anthony Bennett                     PF Tristan Thompson

C Kevin Love                                                           C Anderson Varejao


If they make the move then I think they are 3-point shooting dream and the best team in the East this year, and probably for a couple of years.  You are probably stuck playing Love at center, but that isn’t as bad as Bosh playing center in Miami, and Love is a better outside shooter and much better rebounder. Your defense will suffer unless you add another center that would allow you to play Love at power forward more often.  The worst part is you trade Wiggins, and hope he doesn’t turn into a superstar.

If they don’t make the move, or the T’Wolves say no, then you probably have to work through some Wiggins growing pains, but James still has prime years left and Irving just turned 22.  You’ll need a better long-term and more reliable answer at center than Side-Show Bob.  On the bright side, you may have the most dominant perimeter for a long time and still would have cap room and pieces to move.  Any of Varejao, Thompson, or Bennett could be moved in a trade as could Waiters.  In a weak East in 2014 (it still appears that way now) this Cavs roster might just be the top team even without further tweaking.

Either way they do it, the future would be bright again in Cleveland because of LeBron Jame’s presence.  You just wonder if it might be shortsighted and more expensive to add Love now instead of waiting to see what Wiggins will be and having extra money to spend on the roster.