Tuck: Can The Magic Come Up With A Draft Lottery Miracle?

The Orlando Magic will have two lottery picks this year.  They will have their own and they will have the lesser of the Knicks/Nuggets picks.  Denver gets the better of the two picks.

That puts the Magic in position to land two pretty important players regardless of the May 20th lottery results.

But can a team that has won the lottery 3 separate occasions in their brief history come up with the biggest miracle of all?

The Magic can actually have the 1st and 3rd picks of the draft!


Well, the Magic would have to land the #1 pick with their own lottery balls.  Then, the Nuggets and Knicks would have to win the #2 and #3 picks.  Orlando would then possess the #3 overall selection, with Denver picking in-between at #2.  Both are long-shots, but I did say miracle, right?

Orlando could potentially get better in a hurry.

The Magic could select Joel Embiid #1 to get a big man and then take whichever wing is left over at #3 between Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins.

Or they could take Wiggins first, or Parker first if they so chose, and possibly end up with both of them!

Or they may love PG Dante Exum and take him at #3 to pair with whoever they get at #1.

We’d certainly have a ton of fun debating which combo would work best and what they should do.  Heck, even trading one of the picks for a nice package of a current player and/or future picks and/or 2014 picks could be enticing.

If done properly the Magic could be on the fast track to the top of the Eastern conference within a couple of years and maybe even be on the verge of a dynasty if the pieces fall in place.

The first step begins on May 20.  Cross your fingers Magic fans.