Tuck: Active NBA Players Holding Scoring Records

LeBron James- Cleveland (56) and Miami (61)

Vince Carter and Terrance Ross- Toronto (51)

Kobe Bryant- LA Lakers (81)

Dirk Nowitzki- Dallas Mavericks (53)

Carmelo Anthony- New York Knicks (62)

Deron Williams- Brooklyn Nets (57)

Kevin Love- Minnesota Timberwolves (51)

Mike Miller- Memphis Grizzlies (45)

Kevin Durant- Oklahoma City Thunder (54)*


– Lowest scoring record?  Charlotte Bobcats, Stephen Jackson (43)

– Highest scoring record? Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia/Golden State Warriors (100)

– Records for two teams?  LeBron James (above) and Wilt Chamberlain, Sixers (68) Warriors (100)

– Glen Rice held the record for the Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets (48) and Miami Heat (56) but no longer does for either.

*- Fred Brown holds the record dating back to the Seattle Supersonics with 58 points.

To play a game naming the top 5 for each team click here.  (Doesn’t include LeBron’s 61 last night).