Tuck: 2014 NBA Salary Cap Space By Team

The NBA salary cap for 2013-14 was $58.670 million dollars.  The luxury tax threshold was $71.748 million. Those numbers will be going up this summer under the new CBA.

The salary cap for 2014-15 is expected to be about $63 million with the luxury tax rising to around $77 million.

There are a ton of moving parts for each team that can influence their cap and roster.  Player options, early termination options, team options, and non fully guaranteed contracts can all significantly alter each team’s numbers you’ll see below.  What I’ll give you is what they owe on paper right now.

Just be aware of situations like Miami where the Heat could go from well over the cap to owing next to nothing, most importantly because each of the Big 3 can exercise an ETO and become a free agent. If you want further info on each team’s financial commitments to next season and beyond might I suggest BasketballInsiders.com.

I am doing this to give you a rough idea of who will have money to spend to go after the 2014 free agents on this list and of course other players, including some of their own.

Here is the cap space each team in the league is currently projected to have (all number approximate and rounded off in some cases).


1. Mavericks- $32 million

2. Jazz- $31 million

3. Suns- $30.7 million

4. Sixers- $30.6 million

5. Lakers- $25.9 million

6. Bobcats- $21. 6 million

7. Pistons- $21 million

8. Magic- $18.1 million 

9. Cavaliers- $17.5 million

10. Bucks- $15.4 million

11. Hawks- $15.3 million

12. Wizards- $14.2 million

13. Raptors- $12.8 million

14. Spurs- $9.7 million

15. Pelicans- $6.2 million

16. Celtics- $6 million

17. Bulls- $196, 408


18. Warriors- $1.4 million

19. Blazers- $1.4 million

20. Rockets- $1.6 million

21. Pacers- $1.7 million

22. Timberwolves- $2.8 million

23. Kings- $4.1 million

24. Thunder- $5.6 million

25. Grizzlies- $6 million

26. Nuggets- $6.6 million

27. Heat- $7 million

28. Clippers- $13.1 million


29. Nets- $28.5 million

30. Knicks- $28.7 million