Tuck: 2014 NBA Free Agents

Yes, NBA Free Agency is underway.  A lot of talk and rumors until July 10 when players can finally sign on the dotted line.  My best free agent list for this summer is here.  But the reason many teams will be saving their money and making sure they don’t kill the future cap space is next year.   

Orlando Magic fans are aware their team is in this position.  Trying to fill up the piggy bank for next summer.  Who will they go after?  Who as fan do you want to see them pursue?

At this point, everyone knows LeBron James is a free agent, but most people don’t seem to know who else is available.  Glad I can help you in your next conversation about it.

ETO- Early Termination Option (the player can choose to opt out)

P- Player Option (the player can choose to opt out)

RFA- Restricted Free Agent (the team can match whatever offer the player gets from another team)

Everyone else listed is an UFA- Unrestricted Free Agent (player can sign wherever they want)

I did not include any team options, because most that are actually good players won’t become free agents.


LeBron James (ETO)

Kobe Bryant

Dwyane Wade (ETO)

Paul Pierce

Dirk Nowitzki

Luol Deng

Paul George (RFA)

Carmelo Anthony (ETO)

Chris Bosh (ETO)

Danny Granger

Pau Gasol

Tim Duncan (P)

Zach Randolph (P)

Rudy Gay (P)

Greg Monroe (RFA)

John Wall (RFA)

DeMarcus Cousins (RFA)

Larry Sanders (RFA)

Derrick Favors (RFA)

Gordon Hayward (RFA)

Evan Turner (RFA)

Andrew Bogut

Eric Bledsoe (RFA)

Avery Bradley (RFA)

Isaiah Thomas (RFA)

Ben Gordon

Vince Carter

Ray Allen

Shawn Marion

Mario Chalmers

Greivis Vasquez (RFA)