Tuck: 2013 NBA All-Stars

The NBA announced it’s starters for the NBA All-Star Game already, and tonight they will present the reserves.  Here is who I would choose for this year’s All-Star Game in Houston.



PG Kyrie Irving

SG Paul George

SF Carmelo Anthony

PF LeBron James

C Joakim Noah


G Jrue Holiday

G Rajon Rondo

F Paul Pierce

F Luol Deng

F Chris Bosh

Wild Card Tyson Chandler

Wild Card Dwyane Wade

Thoughts: The starting lineup in the East only includes Melo and LeBron from the fans vote.  Irving-Holiday-Rondo all have a say to starting and was a tough call, but all are clearly all-stars in my opinion.  I give the starting nod to Paul George whose game has taken off this season and has Indiana as a top three seed despite no Danny Granger and anemic offensive contribution from Roy Hibbert, who was an all-star last year.  Noah gets the slightest nod over Chandler, and both are more worthy than the fans choice of KG.  Wade and Bosh are both worthy bench choices, and Deng and Pierce both get it done on either end of the floor.

Toughest omissions: Carlos Boozer has been awesome the last few weeks, but was mediocre to start.  KG is having a pretty good year, but 3 Celtics as a .500 team doesn’t sit well with me, and he is clearly 3rd off that team.  Al Horford and Josh Smith are focal points in Atlanta, but neither jumps off the page.  Brook Lopez, not Deron Williams is the Nets logical choice, but didn’t see him a better option than the guys I picked.  David West is having a nice year for Indiana, but not quite enough.




PG Chris Paul

SG Kobe Bryant

SF Kevin Durant

PF LaMarcus Aldridge

C Tim Duncan


G Stephen Curry

G James Harden

F Blake Griffin

F David Lee

F Marc Gasol

Wild Card Russell Westbrook

Wild Card Tony Parker

Thoughts: Aldridge over Griffin and Duncan over Dwight Howard are my differences from the fans.  Timmy is playing his best in 2-3 years.  Aldridge is just a better player than Blake, who isn’t having as impactful a season, but gets in as a second Clipper because of his impact on a team with a great record.  Curry and Lee are both having great years, especially Steph who is finally healthy and dominating.  Gasol’s numbers don’t stick out, especially of late, but he is a great facilitator within the offense and becoming a real force on defense.  Harden has blossomed as a go-to guy, while Westbrook and Parker continue to do their thing.

Toughest Omissions: Dwight Howard just has been to up and down this year and doesn’t feel right being at this game.  Zach Randolph, Al Jefferson, and Serge Ibaka all have a say, but none is loud enough for me to feel bad about leaving them off.  Nic Batum and rookie Damian Lillard have been fantastic this year, but just don’t quite stack up well enough.  Denver is getting it done with multiple guys, but none quite good enough on their own to deserve to be in the game.


Overall thoughts:

This year was much easier than most to vote honestly because of the number of injured stars in the NBA.  I don’t remember so many normally deserving guys being hurt.  Derrick Rose, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Love, and Anderson Varejao without question would be strong candidates if they had been healthy and playing.  I will be most disappointed if Curry in the West, and George/Holiday in the East don’t make it.  They’ve all taken the leap to All-Star this year.