Tuck: 2012 3-Point Contest And Dunk Contest

3 Point Contest

Ryan Anderson, Orlando- Leads the NBA in makes and attempts.

Ray Allen, Boston- 2nd in 3 points percentage at 51.5%, and is the NBA all-time leader in made 3’s.

Kevin Love, Minnesota- He’s made 42, and is shooting a healthy 38% and I like to see stars do what they do.

JJ Redick, Orlando- The game is in Orlando, and JJ is no slouch, shooting 43% for the year.

Brandon Jennings, Milwaukee- He was almost an all-star, so we’ll get him and 4th most makes and 2nd most attempts in here.

Anthony Morrow, New Jersey- He’s made the second most 3’s behind Anderson and is shooting a sizzling 44%.

Jason Terry, Dallas- He makes more than 2 a game, and does that Jet flying thing after big shots.

Richard Jefferson, San Antonio- He’s one behind Morrow in made 3’s and is hitting them at 43% clip.


Dunk Contest

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers- Did you expect me to be creative and not include him?  Give us one more year Blake, and cement yourself in dunk history by defending your crown.

LeBron James, Miami- Win some fans back!  He is still the only dunking star in NBA history not to do the dunk contest.

Derrick Williams, Minnesota- Already in town for the rookie-sophomore game, and he teased us with some highlight reel worthy efforts in the NCAA tournament.

John Wall, Washington- He has sneaky good hops, but doesn’t get to show them off as much.  I’d be curious what he could do.