The Heat May Seem ‘Too’ Content This Season

Miami HeatSure the Heat are in second place in the Eastern Conference with a winning percentage of 71, but wouldn’t one expect a two-time defending champion to be playing above .500 over a 10-game span?

According to Ethan Skolnick of CNN, it seems as though the Heat are conserving fuel and energy for the long road ahead. “The Heat tout themselves as seasoned vets, but they’re acting like college kids, ignoring every assignment for the first several weeks of the semester, and compelled to pop Adderall like Altoids to cram for an exam,” Skolnick said of Miami.

The Heat have lost only four games this season by 10 points or more. That speaks well of them—they don’t just tank when things aren’t going well.

The Heat are currently 29-12 and are four and a half games behind the first place Pacers. However, at least for now, it seems as though the regular season will never end.

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