SI’s Top 50 Wealthiest Athletes

Sports Illustrated released The Fortunate 50 on Wednesday, their annual list of the top 50 highest paid American athletes. Charismatic and outstanding boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. surpassed all athletes ranking no. 1 projected to earn a conservative $90 million and up to an estimated $128 million.

Each athlete’s total is compromised by including only salary, winnings, endorsements, and bonuses. In the elite tier of the top 15 to make the list, there are 5 NBA players, 4 MLB players, and 3 NFL players. The Fortunate 50 include names such as Phil Mickelson, Kobe Bryant, Justin Verlander and Peyton Manning. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who did not even make the list last year, eclipsed Tiger Woods this year with the help of his whopping $37 million dollar signing bonus collected after signing his new contract. Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs ranked in at dead last at only $18,200,000…only. If Soriano is the bottom feeder of this list, what kind of numbers are the real “rich and famous” bringing in?

For the full Fortunate 50 list visit: Sports Illustrated, Daniel Roberts