Should LeBron James Stay or Should He Go to Los Angeles?

This summer Heat megastar LeBron James will become the most coveted free agent in the history of the NBA if not all of professional sports. Speculation has several teams as possible destinations, a list that includes the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles  Lakers, New York  Knicks and the Heat themselves.

As the Clash might ask, should he stay or should he go to . . .  Los Angeles?

Five reasons why James and the Clippers would be a good match:

5. Sign with them and Lakers malcontent Kobe Bryant gets hacked off even more.

4. Southern California is the only potential destination that rivals Miami from a weather-lifestyle standpoint.

3. In Doc Rivers, he would hitch his future to a head coach with a proven track and much experience with star players.

2. James would like to expand his brand, and he could find no better place to do it than the entertainment capital of the world. In the motion picture and video-related  industries, Los Angeles  is in a league by itself. Could a sequel to Space Jam be far ahead?

1. Who wouldn’t want to play with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in the near future? A James-Paul-Griffin nucleus would be younger than that of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami and quite possibly have more upside as a result.

And five reasons why they wouldn’t be:

5. He might have to revive long-suffering play-by-play guy Ralph Lawler if the Clippers somehow won it all.

4. Clippers superfan Billy Crystal isn’t as cool as Lakers superfan Jack Nicholson.

3. L.A. is a Lakers  town. Always has been, always will be.

2. Have you checked out the standings lately? Unlike in the East, where he has spent his entire career, the road to the NBA Finals would become more difficult in the shark-infested Western Conference.

1. Even it the front office was able to take on three jumbo contracts, it would have few if any resources left to secure the final piece(s) to the championship puzzle.

Bottom line:  If the James-Wade-Bosh threesome were to break up this summer, then SoCal’s other team appears to be the most viable alternative, all things considered. Not only would James have the supporting cast to thrive on the court but also the ideal market to expand his business interests off it. It might take years for the Lakers to become relevant again, which in case James and the Clippers could own L.A. at least for a while.

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