Should LeBron James Stay Or Go To Chicago?

This summer Heat megastar LeBron James will become the most coveted free agent in the history of the NBA if not all of professional sports. Speculation has several teams as possible destinations, a list that includes the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles  Lakers, New York  Knicks and the Heat themselves.

As the Clash might ask, should he stay or should he go to . . .  Chicago?

Five reasons why James and the Bulls would be a good match:

5. He could work on Joakim Noah’s jump shot for the betterment of eyes throughout the league. 

4. Even if the Cubs are included, Chicago is one of the best sport towns in the world. Compared to Miami, it’s also nearly 800 miles closer to Akron, Ohio, his hometown.

3. As the No. 3 market in the country, Chicago is big enough to showcase the best player in the league.    

2. He would fit in well with a well-coached, veteran-laden team that played together and worked hard at both ends of the floor.

1. Even without the injured Derrick Rose, they’re among the best teams in a decidedly weak Eastern Conference. Add James and a healthy Rose to the mix, and they become instant contenders.

And five reasons why they wouldn’t be:

5.  Two words — polar vortex.  This winter Chicago has had the most days with zero and sub-zero temperatures in its history.

4.  The contracts of Rose and James would leave little if any wiggle room to improve the talent base around them. The absence of a dependable third scorer could mean a greater workload on James as he got older. And if D-Rose went down one more time, then James might as well be in Cleveland again.

3. The four-time Most Valuable Player might feel unappreciated in a group that doesn’t cater to star athletes. Or as former general manager Jerry Krause once said, “Organizations win championships,” a statement that didn’t sit well with Michael Jordan and his supporting cast. 

2. The statute of Jordan outside the United Center would cast a very large shadow over James or any other superstar who came this way.  Far better to erect his own elsewhere.

1. As good as the Bulls would be with James on their side, they wouldn’t be as dominant as the Heat with the James gang still intact.

Bottom line: While Chicago has much to offer, if championship rings are what James values most, then there will be better places to get them. Too much depends on the achy-breaky Rose, 25, who faces an uncertain future after nearly two full seasons on the sidelines. Oh, and about the weather . . .

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