Scouring The Internet

In this edition of “Scouring the Internet,” we look at some sports stories, both local and national and give our takes.

Glennon May Get More Reps Than Freeman

Our good friends at CBS Sports are reporting that Buccaneers third-round draft pick Mike Glennon may receive more reps in the preseason than incumbent starting quarterback Josh Freeman. Freeman is in the final year of his rookie deal and has been up and down throughout his first four seasons in the league.

Our take: The starting quarterback of most NFL teams usually takes the least amount of snaps in preseason. By now, the Bucs know what Josh Freeman is about and it’s their duty to keep him healthy and minimize his risk in games that don’t count. It would make sense that Glennon gets as much work as possible so the team can find out if he has the ability to play on this level. THIS IS NOT THE START OF A QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY! Then again, a headline from last year said Russell Wilson was going to receive plenty of reps in Seattle.

Price’s Triceps A Cause for Concern

Tampa Bay Rays reigning Cy Young Award Winner David Price has had a forgettable start to the 2013 season. The team has lost 6 of his 8 starts and he is on pace for the highest ERA of his career (currently at 5.24). Price proudly proclaimed in the offseason that he wasn’t interested in taking a “home town discount” which fueled speculation that the team would need to move him prior to him hitting free agency following the 2014 season.

With Price’s slow start and lower velocity this season, the Rays are seemingly losing value for their ace every fifth day. On Wednesday night, Price’s trade value was dealt yet another blow as the 6-foot-6 lefty was forced to leave in the third inning as the Rays went on to get pounded by the Boston Red Sox, 9-2.

Our take: Rays manager Joe Maddon shrugged off any idea that Price would miss an extended period of time as his injury was labeled as “left triceps soreness”. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay is in a very competitive AL East and if they don’t have Price the gap will likely magnify between them and the top of the division. Price needs to get back to form as soon as possible, as the team will be short on options with him on the shelf.

Durant’s Likability Gets Him A Pass

Kevin Durant is one of the most likable athletes in the world. He tweeted out his contract extension, rather than making it a two-hour national television special. He helps children, is all about his team and remembers to ask about media members’ families. With all that said, Durant’s Thunder were disposed of by the not-yet-juggernaut Memphis Grizzlies in five games and Kevin went 4-22 from the field in the 4th quarters of the past three games.

Shaun Powell of Sports On looks at why Durant was given the benefit of the doubt.

Our take: Everyone loves the nice guy but everyone needs a villain to appreciate the nice guy. LeBron James has been (unfairly) labeled as a villain and he’s the guy who most closely could take the mantle away from the beloved Michael Jordan as best ever. Kevin Durant isn’t a threat, he’s a good guy to seemingly all and he will get the benefit of the doubt that LeBron didn’t. Does he deserve a pass? No way. He said last week that he’s tired of finishing second to LeBron in MVP’s. If you want that to change, start playing like LeBron.

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