Report: Sterling Wanted to Pay Off Stiviano


According to the Los Angeles Times, the formal written case against Donald Sterling is revealing a claim that Sterling wanted to buy off V. Stiviano to say that her audio recording was fake or edited.

In the NBA documents, there are interviews with other Clippers employees, staff members, and many others, to help make the case that Sterling should be banned from the NBA.

These documents also claim that Sterling and his wife of 58 years are not estranged, at all. But, Shelly Sterling is keeping her distance from him during this case.

In the written case, it’s documented that Clippers President Andy Roser discussed the recording with Sterling and even told him to destroy the audio. This was more than two weeks before it even became public.

Sterling must respond to the charges in writing by May 27th and NBA owners will meet on June 3rd for a hearing to present the case.

According the LA Times, Sterling is worth about $1.9 billion.

For more on this story visit: James Rainey and Nathan Fenno, LA Times