Report: Bulls Back in The Mix for Kevin Love

NBA News: Bulls Enter “Love Triangle”

The race to land prized power forward Kevin Love just got a bit more crowded. ESPN is reporting that the Chicago Bulls are now in the running to land Kevin Love, according to sources with inside information.

Prior to this announcement, it was believed that it was either between the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers to land Love. The only sticking points between these teams was whether or not to include Klay Thompson or Andrew Wiggins as part of a deal for Love.

At this time it’s unclear who Chicago would offer to Minnesota, but it would most likely include both Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler, along with future draft picks. The Bulls may also consider including the recently signed Nikola Mirotic.

Another theory on the Bulls renewed interest in Love is that they may simply be doing this to up the asking price for Love, especially if it would force Cleveland to unload more assets. Many view Cleveland as the only road-block for the Bulls in the East.

Regardless of how this “Love Triangle” works out, it should have significant implications on the NBA for many years to come.

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