Phil Jackson Discusses Heat’s Chances at 3-Peat

Phil_Jackson_2013Phil Jackson’s not back in the NBA quite yet, but he’s keeping an eye on it. And when I caught up with him the other day, he happened to mention that annual poll from the league general managers, surprise, surprise, selecting the Miami Heat to win its third consecutive championship.

Phil knows championships, and he told about a bunch of those this year with his bestselling book, “Eleven Rings”.

But while others have collected many rings over the years, no one knows three-peats like Phil. No one else has ever done it three separate times, and with two different groups of players.

And as Jackson wrote quaintly in “Eleven Rings”, the 2001-02 season in Los Angeles wasn’t going to be easy.

“Three-peats never are,” he offered.


“I see Miami is projected to win in that GM poll,” Jackson said from his home in Los Angeles, where he’s decamped for the winter. “It’s still a matter of doing it.”

Source: Sam Smith,