NY Knicks SG Iman Shumpert Could Be a Star If On The Right Team

Iman ShumpertIman Shumpert is a rising young star with budding potential that is absolutely through the roof.  However, due to the current circumstances and structure of the New York Knicks roster he has been unable to exhibit his true talents.  Shumpert has continuously show bits of excellence that could potentially evolve into a star status.  He is currently a victim of his teams system and style of play.

Shumpert has been a great role player up to this point in his career but it is obvious that he is destined for much more.  His true NBA quality and capabilities will remain unknown until Shumpert is on a team that enables him to display his skills and untapped potential.

His current teammate, F Carmelo Anthony, shoots an average of 22.3 field goals attempted per game. Than J.R. Smith averages 13.1 shots.  Between Melo and J.R. about 35 shots are accounted for every time the New York Knicks step on the court (which is roughly fifty percent of their offense).  Also, rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. has been absolutely fantastic in his first year with nearly flawless performances on a nightly basis.  This concoction of coincidences leaves little room for Shumpert to make any kind of noticeable contribution due to the obvious preferred gameplan.

Iman’s situation is sort of relatable to guard James Harden when he played for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Harden performed at a high and consistent level but was often overshadowed by Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, and Kevin Durant.  Once Harden received a chance with a team like the Houston Rockets, he was able to play his style of basketball and thrive.  I’m not saying Shumpert is as dominant as Harden.  But if he can stay healthy and is fortunate enough to gain a true shot at success, than Shumpert can be a star on quite a few teams in the NBA.

The top organizations Iman Shumpert would fit best with are the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Shumpert would compliment PG Kyrie Irving tremendously because he is extremely athletic, unselfish, and has great basketball IQ.  Added to this already impressive Cleveland lineup on the rise, Shumpert and Irving could make some serious noise for the Cavaliers.  With the Boston Celtics he would be the perfect starting piece to rebuilding their franchise in the right direction, alongside the sensational Rajon Rondo.  Minnesota would be an ideal destination for Shumpert because of the selfless play of PG Ricky Rubio and Forward Kevin Love.  Shumpert would add a well needed defensive presence, creating a trio of young guns on the rise.

Whether Iman Shumpert is traded before the deadline, or remains on the Knicks for the rest of the season, expect nothing but continued improvement from the underrated guard.  The best case scenario for the sake of Shumpert’s career is a new location.  It is still uncertain if the Knicks will even move Iman before the deadline.  However, they may benefit from trading for a big man, an area they could use assistance.  At this point it would be a positive move for both sides if they just parted ways.  Shumpert is being held back on this team while the Knicks are struggling quite miserably and should begin to rebuild in some form.  At least in an attempt to be competitive this year.  New York fans are becoming frustrated and irritated with a roster that once had immensely high expectations.

Moves need to made as soon as possible.  And the primary concern should be shopping Iman Shumpert.  He doesn’t fit with the current direction of New York’s team and he possesses a strong trade value.  Now is the time.  Once Shumpert receives his shot he will without a doubt shine.