Nene Calls Out the Young Talent on the Wizards

nene_2013SAN ANTONIO — The Washington Wizards haven’t won in San Antonio since the Clinton administration and several stars — from Richard Hamilton to Michael Jordan to Gilbert Arenas — came to town wearing uniforms of different colors, representing teams of different quality, all left with the same result.

Yet when Martell Webster made a turnaround jumper to bring the Wizards within three points in the third quarter, pulling his team nearly all the way back up from a 19-point deficit, hope glimmered. And then, with an incredible flurry, the Spurs scored 16 straight points and sent the Wizards back to Washington with a 92-79 defeat at AT&T Center.

“They kicked our butts in the most classy way — playing the right way,” Nene said, fuming following the clinical destruction of the Wizards by the selfless Spurs. “It’s crazy, that’s what makes me mad. Our young guys think they’re so smart. But if I was young, I would watch video of that game for one week to see if I could learn something, because the way they play is how you’re supposed to play.

“They not talented as us,” Nene continued. “They have great players, a great team, but the way they execute things, the way they cut, the way they exploit weaknesses, swing the ball. They don’t think about stats. We still think about stats. Our young guys must take their heads out their butts and play the right way, because I’m getting tired of this.”

Source: Michael Lee, The Washington Post