NBA Hall-Of-Famer John Stockton Joins Tuck And O’Neill!

Listen to  Tuck and O’Neill with an exclusive interview with NBA Legend  and Hall of Famer John Stockton!johnstock

Why you should listen:  Tuck and O’Neill talks to John Stockton about his autobiography ” Assisted”. Stockton talked about his favorite moment in his NBA career, also Stockton shared his thoughts on playing Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Finals in 1997 and 1998. Stockton give his thoughts on playing with the Jazz and his teammate Karl Malone. Stockton also talked about what NBA player he would love to play with in todays NBA as well as his thoughts on the current NBA.

Stockton talked about playing for Head Coach Jerry Sloan as well as being part of the United States ” Dream Team” in 1992 as well as memories from the Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Stockton talked about seeing his son David Stockton play at Gonzaga. Stockton also shared his thoughts on playing the Magic teams of the 1990s and more.

John Stockton on Tuck and O’Neill : June 24, 2014

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