NBA Draft Hopeful Isaiah Austin Diagnosed with Serious Medical Condition

With the NBA Draft just days away, potential draft stars are getting nervous and excited for a day that could change their lives forever. Not for Baylor player Isaiah Austin.

According to ESPN, Austin has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome and he will not be able to pursue a career in the NBA. In fact, he has been recommended to quit playing the sport he loves right away.

In an interview with ESPN, Austin told Holly Rowe that they found the gene in his blood sample when they did tests for the NBA Combine. He was told that the arteries in his heart are enlarged and if he overworks himself, his heart could rupture.

He went on to say that the Draft is just days away and his dream was to hear his name called.

Austin was not alone when he got the devastating news. His mother drove through the night to get to him to deliver the news alongside his college coach and family and friends.

Baylor coach Drew Scott said that this news is completely devastating but all of Baylor Nation is supporting him.

Austin recognizes that and he is thanking his fans and supports on his Twitter page.