Mike Brown Still Can’t Find the Correct Rotation

mike_brown_2013CLEVELAND: For two days, Mike Brown sounded encouraged about what he had seen in practice, felt confident he was getting close to a lineup and rotation he felt comfortable with and sounded cautiously optimistic the Cavs could soon emerge from the storm clouds that have engulfed the start to the season.

Then a dunk from John Wall extended the Washington Wizards’ lead to 27 midway through the third quarter and all of those manufactured good vibrations circled the drain.

The Cavs lost 98-91 Wednesday despite a furious fourth-quarter rally by Kyrie Irving and the bench crew over the game’s final few minutes.

Brown has tried reshuffling the lineup multiple times, the players held a meeting last week and all of them continue saying all the right things after deflating losses, but progress has been difficult to see through 12 games.

“We didn’t compete. We had one guy compete the entire time he was on the floor — Matthew Dellavedova,” Brown said, adding later, “I’m going to find guys who are going to play hard.”

Source: Jason Llyod, Ohio.com