Melo Signs with Knicks for All the Wrong Reasons

NBA News: Melo Claims it Was Not About the Money!

Speaking publicly for the first time since signing a new 5-year $124-million dollar deal with the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony, says that it wasn’t about the money…but rather his chance to win in New York. However, Melo is not fooling anyone…it has always been about the money! How can anyone say it’s not about the money when they stand to lose $60-million dollars by signing with another NBA team?

Melo recently told that he felt confident in the direction that the Knicks were headed under Phil Jackson, and that they were close to contending for an NBA championship.

Here is what he told Jeff Goodman:

“I want to win. I don’t care about the money.” “I believe Phil will do what he has to do to take care of that.
“I don’t think we’re that far away,” he added. “People use ‘rebuilding’ too loosely.”

Carmelo Anthony
Melo also talked about how he kept flip-flopping on which team to sign with. At first he says it was Chicago, but then he switched to L.A after meeting with the Lakers, but then went back to Chicago.

However, that’s when the flip-flopping took another turn as Melo met with the Knicks Phil Jackson and newly hired coach, Derek Fisher. Melo says he was convinced that the Knick would provide him with a chance to win for the near future.

Melo also said that it was pretty much always between the Windy City and the Big Apple.

Despite claiming that it was not about the money, there is no way that Melo can honestly believe that he has a chance of winning a title with the Knicks current roster. Had Melo joined the Bulls, they would instantly have become the favorites to win the Eastern Conference.

I just hope that the money makes Melo happy as he continually gets knocked out of the playoffs in the first round with the Knicks.

Kip Michalak is a former 3-sport collegiate athlete who has been covering the NBA as an Orlando Magic Insider for the past 3 seasons. Kip has also covered high school sports in Tampa Bay for 5 years. In addition to his basketball reporting Kip has covered a handful of major sporting events, which include: 2015 NCAA Women’s Final Four 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Final 2016 NCAA Frozen Four 2016 Outback Bowl