Mark Cuban Believes The NBA Should Approve HGH In The League

Source: Matt Moore, CBS Sports

CubanMark Cuban told USA Today over the weekend that he believes the NBA should explore the benefits of making human growth hormone (HGH) an approved substance under league supervision, even as the league pushes for HGH testing in negotiations with the players’ union.

“I believe that professional sports leagues should work together and fund studies to determine the efficacy of HGH for rehabbing an injury,” Cuban told USA TODAY Sports. “Working together could lead us from the path of demonizing HGH and even testosterone towards a complete understanding. It could allow us to make a data based decision rather than the emotional decision we are currently making. And if it can help athletes recover more quickly, maybe we can extend careers and have healthier happier players and fans.”

Cuban’s statement shows how the issue of performance-enhancing drugs has evolved from a matter of just “cheating” to a complex question of ethics and player safety in a world of constantly advancing medical technology to boost both performance and recovery from injury. Studies showing both the benefits and dangers of HGH have been largely inconclusive, furthering the debate on the issue.