Mariotti Show: Tuesday, Oct. 29th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on October 29, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 29, 2013:
If the Red Sox are about religion, poetry and all things New England, then brace yourself for the all-time Boston fantasy: The Red Sox clinching a World Series in Fenway for the first time since 1918. Jay is stunned by the continuing impact of David Ortiz, whose inspirational speeches — not just in Game 4 but after the Boston Marathon explosions — and Mr. October production over three World Series runs have made him one of Boston’s biggest icons ever. Jay thinks the sheer force of this emotion will prevail even if Michael Wacha pitches well in Game 6, as he will. Tickets are going for $12,000 behind the dugout, if you’re interest. Jay talks about watching Game 5 in a Boston-themed Santa Monica bar and was impressed with how everyone was focused on the game — no one on cell phones, no one in pickup mode, all Red Sox. Then they played “Sweet Caroline” and everyone went “ba, ba, ba” and life was good. Jay thinks the Cardinals will need more offensive production and the 2011 rally squirrel to pull this off. Jay continues to be amazed by Koji Uehara, one of the seven mid-range free agents who will make Ben Cherington’s rebuild one of the most successful quick fixes in sports history.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 29, 2013:
Jay begins his NBA preview and says the Heat are vulnerable — not because of LeBron James, who is primed to win again, but because of Dwyane Wade’s injury history and Chris Bosh’s mercurial play. Jay thinks the Seattle Seahawks need to get their line healthy and protect Russell Wilson better — seven more sacks — before he is injured, which would end their title hopes. Jay is disgusted that the NFL isn’t reprimanding Brandon Meriweather for saying he’ll intentionally target ACLs, now that he can’t use his helmet to hit heads. Jay wishes the Cowboys would stop trying to rationalize Dez Bryant’s childish behavior and says we should be focused on the greatness of Calvin Johnson, who might be the most unstoppable perimeter receiver in football history. Jay applauds Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher for choosing not to vote his team first in the coaches’ poll and vowing not to run up the score — he is placing integrity over style points, even if it costs FSU a shot at a national title.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 29, 2013:
The NBA preview continues, with Jay saying he expects Derrick Rose to be as explosive as ever. But despite their old-school defense and physicality, the Bulls aren’t positioned for an NBA title because they still lack a take-over scorer — Rose can be that, but he’s more a point guard and a leader who can score in flurries when needed. Jay expects Brooklyn to be a major factor with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett joining a talented cast, providing Jason Kidd can coach. No one wants to talk about Indiana and Memphis, but they conceivably could play in the Finals, which would require three connections between airports. Jay dares to suggest the Clippers could win the West and lauds Doc Rivers for covering up the Lakers’ title banners in Staples Center; he still needs to develop Blake Griffin as a complete talent and DeAndre Jordan as a viable NBA center, but the depth and talent is there to contend. San Antonio should win the West, but Jay has Spurs fatigue, nor does he buy the Thunder as a title contender after the James Harden trade left them weaker. Remember, Jay says, this is the season before the Great Free-Agent Extravaganza of 2014, as well as the season when some teams — hello, Philadelphia — will tank in trying to draft the next great player, Andrew Wiggins.

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