Mariotti Show: Thursday September 5

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 5, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 5, 2013:
Pro football is upon us, but not the way the NFL would have wanted, Jay says, given the concussion crisis and the ongoing failure of the player-conduct policy to stop frequent arrests, not to mention an Aaron Hernandez case that reminds us that murder is too frequently a league story line. Amid all that, Jay kicks off with Baltimore at Denver, and he expects a close, high-scoring game thanks to a hole-filled Broncos defense. Jay says the evolution of dual-threat quarterbacks also increases the threat of injury in the open field, which explains why 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is trying to manipulate officials in calling attention to perfectly fine comments by Green Bay’s Clay Matthews that the Packers will be focused on hitting Colin Kaepernick on Sunday. Jay reports on the incident in Eagles practice involving Riley Cooper, whose racial epithet isn’t going away; Jay says coach Chip Kelly can’t keep him on the team, even if Cooper’s combatant, Cary Williams, is known as a hothead. Jay expects Peyton Manning, blessed with weapons and plagued by a Broncos defense that will force him into shootouts, to have a huge individual season.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 5, 2013:
Jay flat-out predicts Seattle vs. Houston in the first New York-area Super Bowl. He is inclined to pick teams on the doorstep of big things — the Seahawks and Texans qualify — and he calls Seattle vs. San Francisco the best rivalry in the league, largely because of Harbaugh’s longstanding grudge battle with Seattle coach Pete Carroll. Jay praises Darrelle Revis for how he has handled the New York hype and has no doubt he has told the Tampa Bay Bucs everything about Rex Ryan and the Jets’ playbook. Jay begins his preview of the NFL season and says Chip Kelly is a major story — how will his spread offense function in the NFL? Jay picks Green Bay, Atlanta, Seattle and the Giants as his NFC division champions, the Giants only because they have the least chance for disruptive drama. Jay previews the weekend in college football and calls Florida vs. Miami the big one, considering the building pressure on Florida’s Will Muschamp to maintain an elite program and looming NCAA sanctions for a Miami team trying to return to national glory under Al Golden. Like Florida-Miami, Michigan-Notre Dame is another rivalry that won’t be renewed anytime soon, and Jay is saddened by the departure of tradition amid conference musical chairs. Jay demands Jadeveon Clowney to pick up the sack pace and reeve the motor against Georgia.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 5, 2013:
Jay recaps the day’s breaking news: Riley Cooper in a shoving match with Eagles teammate Cary Williams at practice. Cooper may not have caused this tussle, but it’s an ongoing distraction waiting to happen thanks to his horrific racial slur exposed last month on video, and Chip Kelly must cut him. Jay continues to run through the NFC, team by team, and runs down the remaining drama in MLB this month: Rays vs. Yankees for final AL wild card, Pirates (his boyhood team in Pittsburgh) breaking a 20-year losing streak and trying to win the NL Central, and Miguel Cabrera fighting an abdominal injury and trying to keep pace with Chris Davis in the home-run race and a shot at a double Triple Crown. Jay leaves for his Miami flight, with tomorrow’s show set for Marlins Park.

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