Mariotti Show: Thursday September 19th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 19, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 19, 2013:
Jay can’t decide if the AL wild-card race is akin to six punchdrunks in a barfight or classic drama. He goes with the barfight, but does acknowledge it’s more fun to watch these battles of attrition — Baltimore winning behind growing MVP candidate Chris Davis, Tampa Bay scratching out wins Maddon-style despite major blunders — in the new two-qualifying-wild-cards format rather than slumbering toward the postseason. Jay says the Texas Rangers must be sick of the “one strike away” thing, having been one strike away from a 2001 World Series title and now one strike away in another game they choked away. Jay marvels at Davis, who will be front and center with Miguel Cabrera in MVP consideration if he wins the home-run and RBI races and the Orioles make the playoffs. Jay says he’d never order fans to go to a stadium, but if there was one game worthy of the ticket price in attendance-sad St. Petersburg, it’s Yu Darvish vs. Matt Moore. Jay breaks down the Trent Richardson trade and applauds Cleveland’s Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi for having the guts to do it; Richardson never should have been taken third in the first round in an era when elite runners are found in lower rounds (Alfred Morris) or aren’t even drafted (Arian Foster), and it’s clear Brandon Weeden isn’t an NFL starter. The Browns took Indy’s No. 1 pick and will add it to a motherlode of other draft picks next April, and it’s certain they’ll draft a quarterback high. But who: Teddy Bridgewater, Brett Hundley … no, not Johnny Manziel. RIchardson will take pressure off Andrew Luck, but the Colts still don’t have an offensive line and both Luck and Richardson will take poundings for an overrated team. Jay scolds NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for not having a stronger response to the reversal of Dashon Goldon’s one-game suspension by appeals middleman Matt Birk; the league needs suspensions to stick so players will think twice about head-hunting. Too many violators — Goldson, Bernard Pollard, Ndamukong Suh — are showing no remorse for their actions, and the Players Association better not throw too much support behind the head-hunters because they’re endangering the careers of other players/union members.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 19, 2013:
Jay is shocked that the Buccaneers have made no bad news the last 18 hours. Darrelle Revis acted like a good leader when he visited coach Greg Schiano and said there was nothing to reports that he is unhappy in Tampa. Don’t be shocked if the Bucs play the Patriots tough Sunday, given Tom Brady’s struggles with his rookie receivers and his poor body language in dealing with frustrating. Jay wants to know if wife Gisele is helping Tom with his facial expressions. Andy Reid’s return to Philadelphia is another socio-psycho drama in a city that has perfected the art form; only in Philly does the boo-or-cheer debate rage on louder than the game itself, and Jay predicts most will lightly cheer Reid while a vocal minority makes itself heard on the national telecase. Jay thinks Kansas City was the perfect landing spot for Reid, who sorely needed a scenery change, as did his quarterback, Alex Smith. Meanwhile, his successor, Chip Kelly, is catching the local heat now after he didn’t know and NFL rule that might have helped the Eagles win Sunday. Jay raves about Mike Trout’s unprecedented first two seasons and says he’s watching Trout’s breathtaking performances every night, even if no one else is. Baseball always survives in spite of itself, and the infusion of Trout, Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, Yasiel Puig and other electric young stars is saving the game. Jay says he used to hate the Wins Above Replacement stat because it symbolized the efforts of sabernerds to ruin a poetic game with metrics, but he’s no longer at war with WAR because if quantifies exactly what Trout is achieving as a five-tool wunderkind. Jay says the Red Sox and Dodgers are his favorites to reach the World Series — duh — and lists the Cardinals and A’s as teams best equipped to stop the Fox dream matchup.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 19, 2013:
Jay resets the Trent Richardson trade and says Cleveland fans complain about everything. He understood, having been in the city for its epic sports losses and knowing that the town is economically depressed — and will be for a long time, according to economists. Jay says the Dodgers still have issues, such as injuries and whether Puig will carry them, sabotage them or somehow do both in October. Jay introduces the weekend in college football and says Tajh Boyd’s Heisman Trophy candidacy will be on display tonight for Clemson. Right now, AJ McCarron is Jay’s early Heisman favorite. Jay welcomes NBC Sports Radio’s Bobby Valentine for an interview, and Bobby urges the Yankees to not let Joe Girardi fly the coop this offseason. Jay can’t believe the PGA Tour takes phone calls from TV viewers who think they’ve seen a rules violation on telecasts — kind of rinky-dink right? Jay feels sorry for the Miami Heat’s Chris “Birdman” Andersen for being the latest victim oe a Manti Te’o-like “Catfishing” scam and says we all have to be careful out there.

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