Mariotti Show: September 16th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 16, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 16, 2013:
Jay raves about the resounding performance of the Seahawks, who have achieved a unique balance under Pete Carroll — yoga, meditation and new-age positive vibes off the field; physical, two-way pummelings on the field. Carroll realized after two previous NFL coaching failures that he had to treat grown me like family, and the love-in is working. The Seahawks are unbeatable at home, with a raucous crowd that set a world decibel record, and if they continue to dominate defensively with their Richard Sherman-led secondary and play physical ball offensively, they should have home advantage in the playoffs — a recipe for a Super Bowl. For the first time, Colin Kaepernick looked like a young, raw, flustered quarterback, and the 49ers have issues: injuries and a flat running game. The Seahawks didn’t need much from Russell Wilson, who didn’t give them much with Marshawn Lynch pounding the rock. Carroll’s story is a good lesson for a struggling ex-college coach like Tampa Bay’s Greg Schiano — don’t strangle your team with micromanagement. The Bucs continue to be the NFL’s most chaotic team, and they’re lucky they’re not in a major media market. Josh Freeman is not a leader and is not the answer at quarterback, but the organization erred in not having a veteran backup — rookie Mike Glennon won’t fare any better. The defense is undisciplined and keeps taking cheap shots and leading with the head, which may prompt a league suspension for dirty DB Dashon Goldson. The Seahawks have a physical secondary — one that has been accused of PED use — but they are smart and avoid the cheap shots. Get used to Sherman, a mouthy character in the showman mold of Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson, and he fueled the fire of the NFL’s best rivalry after the game by chasing down his former college coach — Jim Harbaugh, a man he doesn’t like — and slapping him hard on the rear end. Between Carroll’s longtime grudge against Harbaugh and the Sherman residue, it’s fun watching these teams go at it; NFL rivalries usually involve the Cowboys, Raiders, East Coast teams or Bears-Packers. What a shame if Tampa Bay wastes talent — defense, Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson — because of a lack of discipline and having no quarterback. The Manning Bowl was different this year because one brother (Peyton) looks like the MVP in his remarkable, post-neck-surgery renaissance while the other brother (Eli) looks like the LVP with seven interceptions for a bad Giants team.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 16, 2013:
Jay resets the NFL story, raves about the Seahawks and wonders if the 49ers are so spooked by Sunday night that they won’t recover. Jay can’t believe that players are still taking cheap shots at heads in the NFL’s safety error, mentioning Brandon Meriweather’s crown-of-helmet blow that gave Eddie Lacy a concussion. Jay is happy that the NFL stops games because of inclement weather, though fans really have nowhere to go in limited concourse areas. Jay says Tampa Bay is anxiety-ridden with Bucs and Rays, who blew the kind of game Sunday that will leave them one game out of the playoffs. The new wild-card system allows for more Septembers but also more mediocrity, which is what the Rays and Rangers represent in their four-game series. Jay says Cleveland has the most favorable schedule, and that the Yankees have virtually no healthy players with a complicated offseason ahead. Jay thinks we should be thankful for the Mannings, who have been in the public eye for two decades and never have had a whiff of scandal. They are the Great American Family, 2013. Jay can hear the critics laughing of Chip Kelly, who mismanaged the clock at the end and has no defense. The Texans are still Jay’s AFC pick for the Super Bowl, but they’re starting games too late and need wild comebacks. Never sleep on Aaron Rodgers, a Hall of Famer, and worry about Robert Griffin III, who may have to be benched. Jay isn’t sold on the Bears, despite Jay Cutler’s comebacks, but he does like EJ Manuel and Terrell Pryor. Either Schiano on Ron Rivera will be the first coach to go; Cam Newton is being mismanaged in Carolina. Suh actually behaved Sunday for the Lions. Jay thinks AJ McCarron should be the college-football focus now after too much time spent on Johnny Manziel. As electric as Manziel was Saturday, AJ outplayed him because of the biggest category in football — zero turnovers for McCarron, two critical interceptions for Manziel. Jay says the Jaguars aren’t an NFL team anymore and is amused at two events — a Sign Tim Tebow rally and a fantasy-football lounge opened inside the stadium. Also, a Orlando TV station has to apologize to viewers for being forced to put Jags away games on the air. Jay says the Alabama secondary is a mess, but that Nick Saban has time to fix it before the LSU showdown. Jay laughs at people now wondering if Manziel can start in the NFL — deep breaths. Jay runs down the schedules for the eight serious contenders for the national title. Jay isn’t knocking Manziel — he was OMG-amazing — but if America is looking for a true, blue football hero who behaves himself and gets the girl and wins titles, it’s McCarron.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 16, 2013:
Jay says the ideal national-title game would be Alabama vs. Oregon, Saban against the spread offense. Jay says the big college games in next several weeks are Florida State-Clemson, Ohio State-Northwestern, Alabama-LSU, Oregon-Stanford. Jay can’t believe Texas and Mack Brown have hit rock bottom and wasted so many resources from the good-old-boys. Jay is shocked that the Pac-12 has another officiating snafu at the end of the Arizona State-Wisconsin game — Wisconsin getting burned on what appeared to be an official kneel that wasn’t ruled as such, allowing the clock to run out. Jay laughs at lists that show which NFL teams would be best for Manziel. Jay thinks McCarron will win the Heisman. Jay explains why anyone who spent $74.95 on Floyd Mayweather fight is a dope, and blames Showtime for feeding the Mayweather monster with a six-fight, $200-million deal when there’s no one serious for him to fight. Jay says Justin Bieber, who visited Mayweather before the fight, would have been a more fun opponent than Canelo Alvarez. Jay applauds Billy Beane, Josh Donaldson and the Oakland A’s. Jay says the Bengals-Steelers matchup on MNF looks boring, but advocates watching Chiefs-Eagles on Thursday, Andy Reid vs. Chip Kelly.

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