Mariotti Show Replay: Tuesday, Dec. 17th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on December 17, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: December 17, 2013:
— It has become so easy, people want to narrow the goalposts
— Jay embraces progress, praises the accuracy of kickers
— Justin Tucker, drops it in from 61, no sweat. Six FGs in 18-16 win
— John Harbaugh could have gone for first down, doesn’t flinch
— Eight days after Matt Prater broke record with 64
— Tucker has’t missed since Week 2, kick benefited his fantasy team
— Goalposts 18 feet, 6 inches wide. Keep it that way
— 13 of most 14 accurate kickers are active
— Tucker (93 percent), Blair Walsh (90)
— FG accuracy this year, .865.

— Lions, much like Cowboys, can’t rely on them, losers, chokers
— Matt Elam, yapped about Johnson being old, game-securing pick
— Stafford is a mess, INT at end, two others, 12 TOs last five, 10 INTs
— Stafford, 10 INTs, 2 fumbles last five
— Schwarz can’t last unless he wins two and gets to playoffs
— Ravens move into No. 6 hole, hold tiebraker, NE and at Cincy
— If Bears win out, they’re in. At Philly, GB at home.

— Scoring, highest ever. But lot of this isn’t good football
— Defenses have no chance with no rules, attrition, offensive wizardry
— Best athletes are playing offense, shootouts the norm
— Fun and spontaneous, never out of game, Pick 6s at all-time high. People want points and offense. On pace 48 ppg, passing records
— But Arena League-ish, flag football. Very few capable defenses
— Other trend: Injuries piling up at disturbing rate, removing stars
— League bigger, stronger, faster than ever
— Hits to head still enormous issue
— QB position, injuries killing teams, need quality backup

— Romo, biggest mystery in sports, still on tips of tongues
— Cowboys are good entertainment, though dubiously
— Dez, apologizes for leaving early, said he didn’t want us to see him crying
— Garrett defends Bryant as great team guy, but out-of-control diva

— Got a taste of Super Bowl venue in seven weeks
— Defense punishing, smart. Offense, built around Wilson’s mobility and free-lancing and Lynch Beast Mode and receivers that will include Harvin.
— Carroll, has players say “Go Hawks” on media podium

— Snowmageddon?
— Over weekend, eight inches, field clear for game
— Old Farmers Almanac says expect a ‘Noreaster. 80 pct. accurate. Really?
— Since 2003, temp at Newark Airport 23 to 47 on Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m., snow only three times
— Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day
— Have had wicked outside conditions for indoor games, but only the heavy rain and wicked wind in Miami 2007 was notably bad
— Memorable games in bad weather, the Tuck Rule Game in NE in 2002, the Ice Bowl in 1967
— NFL wants it to snow.
— Ticket holders wll get earmuffs, hand warmers, lip balm
— Media Day will be in Devils’ arena, $28.50 admission for fans


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: December 17, 2013:
— Bill O’Brien, impressing job post-Sandusky at Penn State
— Jimbo Fisher, leading candidate
— Carroll, McCarthy, Kelly candidates? Please. Lower sights

— Says he might not come out. He’d better.
— Likely No. 1 pick, with Houston needing a QB
— Texans could be Chiefs of 2014, have talent in place
— Rams, with Redskins’ pick at No. 2, also might want him.
— Also watch Derek Carr, brother of David, as potential Top 5 QB

— Says wants a “QB-needy team”
— Smart kid, growing up
— Teams will reach for him in first round because need QB
— Jacksonville, Minnesota, Cleveland will think about it
— Will be local pressure on Houston to take him, but can’t at No. 1.

— Murphy latest transfer, seven since last Thursday
— Muschamp should quit now

— Brings in Lane Kiffin to survey offense. Lane Kiffin?

— What to see, avoid


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: December 17, 2013:
— Giants, Eli’s 25 INTs, why would Coughlin want to rebuild?
— Jets, Rex will be fired
— Knicks, Woodson doesn’t foul Wizards or take critical timeout, should be canned
— Nets, biggest payroll in NBA history, Kidd can’t coach, might not make playoffs
— Yankees, where is all this going without Cano?
— Mets, might be better than Yankees, though not by much without Harvey

— Mike Francesa loses YES Network simulcast because he aired A-Rod rant vs. Selig
— A-Rod writing tell-all book about MLB, Selig, thug tactics

— He wants to come to MLB, but Japanese team balks
— New posting rules, Japan team gets only $20 million
— Yankees desperately need him, have no ace, Sabathia now a 3 guy

— Beat Spurs, symbolic win
— Transcendent Griffin, becoming a complete player, not a dunker/pitchman
— Parker hurt

— May be diluted
— James has ankle sprain, may not play
— Pacers lay egg vs Detroit
— Pistons more physical than them up front

— Thornton actually appealing his thuggery?
— Got 15 games for attacking Orpik, should have been banned for season
— Hockey has CTE crisis

— Sports lacks rivalries? Not here.
— Maria keeps taking shots at Williams
— Needs to start beating her


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