Mariotti Show Recap: Thursday, Oct. 31st Boo!

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on October 31, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 31, 2013:
Happy to report there was nothing but love and hugs and champagne goggles into the wee hours in Boston, Jay saluted the Red Sox as an example of why sports can be so great. Redemption, history, post-tragedy soothing, cost efficiency, beard-grabbing bonding — it was all there, with the Red Sox playing for the bigger purpose of a city reeling from the Marathon bombings. Jay says the story was so cool, he’s almost suspicious that something is dirty about it, but he’ll just assume the Red Sox winning it all at Fenway is an all-time feel good story. Jay reiterates that David Ortiz not only is the Mr. October of his time, but also the biggest Boston icon in memory with his leadership, big moments and speeches after the bombings and in the dugout in Game 4. Credit Ben Cherrington for divvying up the offseason money pie into seven productive pieces and creating a new model on his big-market franchise might want to do business. John Farrell was the perfect manager, resurrecting Jon Lester and John Lackey and allowing a “Major League” culture swell in the clubhouse. Jay doesn’t think the Red Sox can repeat this next year and thinks Jacoby Ellsbury may sign with the Yankees, a la Johnny Damon years ago. Jay scolds talk-show hosts for assuming Ortiz is on PEDs when they have no evidence, but also concedes the ongoing steroids scandals make us suspicious of anyone on power binges, which is sad.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 31, 2013:
Jay resumes the football season by declaring that Florida State will manhandle Miami at home this weekend, but also wonders what Jimbo Fisher’s bosses think of his integrity-first stance of not running up the score and not voting FSU No. 1 in the coaches’ poll when the Seminoles could lose out for a national title game berth by the slimmest of margins. Jay wonders how Fisher will vote if FSU and Oregon are both 13-0 — the quality of competition would favor Oregon slightly at that point. Jay dips into the NBA and, while not making too much of Miami’s loss to lowly Philadelphia, does wonder why they’re resting Dwyane Wade for entire games already. His knees are going to be a major issue, and LeBron James looked tired in missing big shots late, probably from making no many TV commercials. Jay wonders about the identity of the unnamed NBA general manager who said he is tanking the season in an attempt to win the lottery and draft Andrew Wiggins. What do the season-ticket holders think about that? And there’s no guarantee of getting Wiggins even if you lose 70 games. Jay pays tribute to retiring Allen Iverson as the greatest small guy ever to play the game and a trend-setting, tats-and-cornrows phenomenon; he just wishes he was more responsible off the court. Dwight Howard had 26 rebounds in his Houston debut, but will he be happy next week? The Lakers lost, so no reason to pay attention after that opening night tease. Watch Miami and Brooklyn on Friday night for a potential Eastern Conference finals preview.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 31, 2013:
Jay returns to the NFL — remember the NFL? — and says he isn’t sure about the league’s only unbeaten team, the Kansas City Chiefs, until they face Denver and other tough competition. Jay is disgusted that Brandon Meriweather issued an apology for his sick comments — he wants to intentionally go after ACLs if he can’t hunt heads — though the NFLPA. He should be a man and do so in front of the media, not a coward hiding behind a union. Jay says Andy Dalton is the only reason to watch Bengals-Dolphins tonight. No one should ridicule Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin for throwing the fit and leaving the team with emotional issues after being pranked by teammates; it’s hard enough for young athletes to deal with social media, much less critical teammates. Jay can’t believe Ryan Clark of the Steelers defended Dez Bryant’s blowups by claiming a double standard — that Tom Brady throws tantrums, too. Brady, who isn’t remotely as demonstrative or distracting as Bryant, has the cred of three Super Bowl rings and is responsible for the offense. Bryant is a diva who looks particularly childish and disruptive compared to the classy Calvin Johnson, who is challenging Peyton Manning for MVP honors. Jay says Tiger Woods should stop wasting time on Golf Channel analysts and devote complete focus to winning majors.

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