Mariotti Show Recap: Monday, Nov. 4th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on November 4, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 4, 2013:
The most compelling stories in sports, Jay says, usually have nothing to do with balls and bats. Jay was shaken by Gary Kubiak’s halftime collapse, a day after John Fox was hospitalized with a heart condition, and urges NFL coaches not to make their jobs a death sentence. Not many jobs are more stressful than coaching an NFL team, given the public nature and responsibility of the position and the crazed fervor surrounding it. These men are pressure points for heavily scrutinized organizations that represent large population bases. Jay hopes Kubiak takes the year off — the Texans are 2-6 and going nowhere — and if Fox wants to wait for the playoffs to return to the Broncos, so be it as the capable Jack Del Rio assumes the interim role. Jay is deeply troubled by the bullying story involving Richie Incognito and victim Jonathan Martin and says it goes far beyond traditional locker-room hazing. Incognito is a scary thug, Jay says, and he not only should be suspended for the year but maybe arrested for threats and harassment after the release of a racially heavy, threatening voice mail from Incognito to Martin. Jay wonders where the Dolphins were through all the intimidation of Martin — head coach Joe Philbin, the front office, Martin’s teammates — if this was happening over two years, and management should be held responsible for not putting an stop to the harassment.


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 4, 2013:
Jay continues commentary on the Incognito story and says the Dolphins’ front office should be ashamed for trying to paint Incognito as a model citizen when the story first broke, then tried to issue a release that all was good Sunday while trying to work a hush-hush deal with Martin and his parents behind the scenes. When Martin and his reps released the indicting audio tape to the Dolphins and the NFL, the Dolphins no longer could defend Incognito and had to suspend him — point being, they were much too late in taking action and let the situation unravel. Jay can’t believe how wacko Florida’s three NFL teams are. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers now have perfected the art of losing, having blown a 21-0 lead in a loss at Seattle, and Jay can’t see the dark cloud burning off until Greg Schiano is fired. Jay thinks the NFL is harder to figure out than Miley Cyrus and can’t believe the Saints lost to the Jets, the Seahawks played so poorly against Tampa Bay and the Chiefs can’t blow out weak competition. Is Kansas City the best team? Are there any truly elite teams in the NFL? It’s a tough league to watch, huge TV ratings aside. Jay is a believer in Andrew Luck and the Colts and thinks the Panthers are a dangerous team. He says the Packers-Bears game tonight wouldn’t be close if Jay Cutler and Lance Briggs were playing, and he laughs at the lopsided nature of a so-called great rivalry. Jay will be watching something else Monday night.


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 4, 2013:
Jay is shocked that the Dolphins, given Incognito’s long history of behavioral problems, had him do a PSA at their stadium urging fans to behave and be civil to one another. Do the coaches not visit the locker room? The disconnect is alarming, and the Dolphins will have to answer for it from the top levels of ownership on down. Bullying is a major conversation point in America, and the league can make a strong statement by making an example of Incognito and sending a message to schoolyards and workplaces everywhere. Jay updates the conditions of Kubiak and Fox. Florida State, shifting the subject, needs Stanford to upset Oregon this week, or Jay thinks FSU will be the final victim of the BCS system while Jameis Winston loses the Heisman Trophy to Marcus Mariota. If Oregon survives this hump, the Ducks should be fine during a tough gauntlet of Pac-12 games ahead. FSU’s downfall will be its schedule. Jay thinks Alabama is far from perfect but doesn’t see Nick Saban losing the vice grip at this point, starting with LSU on Saturday. Jay briefly runs through the NBA and is concerned about Derrick Rose’s turnovers, shooting problems and neck issues. He is not as concerned about the Heat’s self-acknowledged chemistry issues, though he says complacency and Dwyane Wade’s health will be ongoing issues.


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