Mariotti Show Recap: Friday, Nov. 29th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on November 29, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 29, 2013:
— Mike Tomlin steps on field and prevents Jacoby Jones from scoring on kickoff return
— Jason Kidd has his player intentionally collide with him so he can stop play
— Isn’t Thanksgiving supposed to be about perspective?
— These guys need fines and vacations
— Steelers are a dignified organization, don’t need to stoop to these levels
— Flacco said Tomlin stole his idea
— Tomlin and Kidd tried to bluff their way out of it
— Kidd fined $50,000

— Typical slugfest, always close, 5th straight by 3 or less
— Replay, 2 TDs reverses
— Baltimore still has work, hardly SB champions. Kick FGs, not TDs
— But could they go into Cincy or Indy and win? Yes
— Pit, botched FG earlier, dropped 2-pt at end

— Detroit looked awesome, both sides
— Bush, best signing of offseason. 182 yds of offense
— Win on Thanksgiving, first time since 2003
— Pack, Rodgers returns next week, five-game winless streak
— Flynn, seven sacks
— Lions D responded to Josh Sitton, gave up only 126 yds, didn’t play dirty

— Here comes Dallas tease again, 7-5
— Romo, on SI cover.
— His November record is 26-6 … but Jay not buying into it
— Jerry Jones, dancing around, says he’s doing his best work. What?


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 29, 2013:
— Still not charged, being crucified
— Media starting a morality play, McCarron good guy and Winston bad guy
— Again, he still hasn’t been charged, and even if he is, not necessarily guilty
— Decision delayed for “two weeks or more” by Meggs
— One of Meggs’ top assistants in a murder case next week
— Great potential for chaos in Heisman vote, BCS title game
— What if he wins Heisman and FSU booked in title game, then charged?
— What if FSU decides not to suspend him after he is charged? Firestorm nationally
— Meggs better have the goods if he’s taking so long, media hound
— Accuser lawyer calls it rape again
— Tallahassee police, lots of issues

— McCarron, golden boy, ready to swoop in, perfect ending
— He’s the American football hero, no trouble, famous girlfriend
— But can’t make the morality comparison when Winston hasn’t been charged

— Saban doesn’t provide timetable for retirement
— Can Auburn run the ball vs Alabama? That’s the story
— Saban’s wife says Alabama fan base spoiled
— Says Nick not going anywhere, don’t believe them. Texas
— Malzahn, now obvious why won 2011 title with Newton
— Excess on display, madness of rivalry
— McCarron worried about GF Webb in Auburn stands

— AD backs Hoke
— Michigan mystique is gone, Ohio State last elite program in Midwest
— Yes, that includes Notre Dame, mediocre again after one-year blip

— Orgeron making push, but big names on screen
— If he beats UCLA, gonna to be tough on Haden

— Foley sticking behind Muschamp, but what if FSU wins 70-3?
— Another year of Muschamp will set back program
— Charlie Strong? Swinney? Stoops?


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 29, 2013:





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