Mariotti Show Recap: Friday, Nov. 1st

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on November 1, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 1, 2013:
Jay says Florida State and Jameis Winston are perfect antidote for Alabama/Saban fatigue. He’d love to see an Oregon-FSU title game, but that won’t happen, so games like tomorrow night are vital for FSU’s national title hopes and Winston’s Heisman campaign. Jay says coach Jimbo Fisher should naturally allow the score to take care of itself — removing starters early only will hurt his team’s chances in the BCS system, and Fisher has to maximize his team’s chances however he can with Oregon having advantages in a 13-0 vs. 13-0 scenario. Jay wonders why Miami QB Stephen Morris, blessed with NFL skills, struggles so much in fourth quarters. He must play better and compliment big-time RB Duke Johnson for this not to be a blowout, and Miami’s DBs need to make plays on throws Winston leaves up in air. It’s clear, Jay says, that ESPN and national media love Winston’s charisma, a big advantage over Oregon’s soft-spoken Marcus Mariota in the Heisman race. In the end, FSU fans better become big Stanford fans next Thursday, when Oregon comes to Palo Alto. Jay says it’s not fair that Boston has had eight sports parades since the early 2000s. He points to a Wall Street Journal story that says kids under 12 aren’t watching baseball anymore and that the average age of a World Series viewer was 54.4. Jay blames commissioner Bud Selig and the old-fart owners and says a young, happening successor is needed to sell the sport to all demographics. Jay also chides Fox for its poor post-game show after the Game 6 clincher and agrees with New York Times critics Richard Sandomir that Erin Andrews’ performance was awkward. Jay is trying his best to ignore the crossfire between MLB and Alex Rodriguez, but he’s interested in anything A-Rod has to say about Selig’s complicit knowledge of PED use through the years.


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 1, 2013:
Jay says Florida State-Miami is the only must-watch of the entire football weekend and says the NFL, for all its huge built-in audience numbers, is beset by too much mediocrity and too many injuries that lead to blah matchups. Did the Dolphins really win on a walkoff safety? And isn’t it typical of the Bengals and Andy Dalton, after Jay’s praises of both, fell to earth quickly with a bad loss and the crippling loss of Geno Atkins to an ACL injury? Bullying is an issue in life and sports and apparently with the Miami Dolphins, and Jay can’t believe tackle Jonathan Martin’s teammates were pranking and ridiculing him if he is fighting stressful issues in his life, all of which led him to leave the team. Aldon Smith has returned to the 49ers after an alcohol rehab stay, and the team is playing it right — he won’t play until he proves he’s ready. If you didn’t realize how good a coach Jim Harbaugh is, you do now — they’ve overcome two big early losses with smashmouth, Frank Gore football, but they will need Smith at some point to fill their sack void. Jay reiterates that the Glazers must fire Greg Schiano sooner than later to cool off their hostile fan base; locker-room leaks to the national media and making the tension worse. Butch Davis or Dave Wannstedt could run the team in the interim. Mike Glennon is trying to prove amid all the strife that he’s a legit NFL QB, and any sort of progress would make it easier for the Bucs to draft Jadeveon Clowney, assuming Jacksonville at No. 1 would take a quarterback. No doubt in Jay’s mind that the Jaguars are going 0-16. Jay is still waiting to determine if the Chiefs are Super Bowl material, but we won’t know Sunday in Buffalo.


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 1, 2013:
Jay returns to the NFL — remember the NFL? — and says he isn’t sure about the league’s only unbeaten team, the Kansas City Chiefs, until they face Denver and other tough competition. Jay is disgusted that Brandon Meriweather issued an apology for his sick comments — he wants to intentionally go after ACLs if he can’t hunt heads — though the NFLPA. He should be a man and do so in front of the media, not a coward hiding behind a union. Jay says Andy Dalton is the only reason to watch Bengals-Dolphins tonight. No one should ridicule Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin for throwing the fit and leaving the team with emotional issues after being pranked by teammates; it’s hard enough for young athletes to deal with social media, much less critical teammates. Jay can’t believe Ryan Clark of the Steelers defended Dez Bryant’s blowups by claiming a double standard — that Tom Brady throws tantrums, too. Brady, who isn’t remotely as demonstrative or distracting as Bryant, has the cred of three Super Bowl rings and is responsible for the offense. Bryant is a diva who looks particularly childish and disruptive compared to the classy Calvin Johnson, who is challenging Peyton Manning for MVP honors. Jay says Tiger Woods should stop wasting time on Golf Channel analysts and devote complete focus to winning majors.


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