Mariotti Show Recap: Friday, Dec. 13th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on December 13, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: December 13, 2013:
— Says investigation was corrupt
— Calls for independent Attorney General probe
— Thinks football team and Tallahassee police are in cahoots
— This alleged case happened more than a year ago
— Timing again suspicious, with Heisman tomorrow
— Prosecutor already has poked holes in accuser’s story
— Toxicology reports rigged? Really?
— Looks like grandstanding, opportunism, civil suit
— Again, he hasn’t been charged
— A shame, if he’s innocent, that this clouds his moment
— If lawyer wants to show us real evidence, bring it on
— The perception war is what is so annoying, just verbal ping-pong

— Defense is a major problem. Cant win Super Bowl with this defense
— Manning only on field 20 minutes
— If not careful, lose No. 1 AFC seed
— Have two easy games, NE at Miami and Baltimore

— People love two-sport athletes
— He should wins his Super Bowls and MVP award, play 5-6 years
— Then, shift entirely to baseball.
— Preserve brain cells and body that way
— If fails, go back to football


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: December 13, 2013:
— Too late to alter Heisman voting, obviously
— Why did she wait so long this week, all year?
— Keeping story alive keeps civil-suit potential alive
— McCarron, wonderful story
— Of three QBs, with whom would you like to hang out in NYC? Manziel

— It will be fascinating how ESPN covers it
— Winston hasn’t been charged, yet will he be elephant in room?
— Bush, ironically, highest pct of first-place votes.
— By inviting six players, limit attention on Winston
— He will win in landslide

— Expect Brown to resign tonight at banquet
— Wheels are in motion for Saban
— But will he get total control with politicans, governor, ESPN in Austin mix?
— Control the issue for Saban more than money


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: December 13, 2013:
— Right call, don’t risk his future
— As saw with Griffin, could set him back and threaten his career
— Green Bay not good enough to take this risk
— Rodgers was upset, but doctor was sensible

— Kyle Shanahan didn’t agree with father’s decision
— Another twist in weird, political story
— Redskins insist not a QB competition, it’s Griffin’s job
— Kyle complained had to game-plan for Cousins and Griffin
— Shanahan trying to save reputation
— Snyder exploring ways to fire him and witthold money
— Griffin’s standing in locker room affected
— What about other players who are playing?
— Snyder shouldn’t be BFF with young QB

— If he doesn’t succeed, Trestman will have hell to pay
— McCown, folk hero, don’t bench a guy with his success
— Cutler’s future on line, free agent to be. Won’t franchise tag him
— McCown, ultimate team guy, working on game plan at Cutler’s house.

— Jay Z was there, turned down interview requests
— Cano said Yankees disrespected him with offer, sounds bitter
— Should have factored in quality of baseball life
— He won’t be happy in Seattle, irrelevant, losing team
— Trying for Price, but have to give up Walker and package
— Still fourth in AL West

— Colon deal, one meh 3-way trade
— All other big deals earlier
— Choo? Maybe not Yankees, Tigers, Rangers. Houston?
— Lot of starting pitchers out there
— Kemp staying in LA
— Tanaka posted next week, Yankees and Dodgers and Cubs


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