Mariotti Show: Monday August 26

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on August 26, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: August 26, 2013:
The best pennant race in baseball is a culture clash — the Red Sox look like a weekend softball team, with big bellies and beards and bald heads but still armed with a major-revenue, Fenway Park profile; the Rays continue to squeeze everything possible from limited resources via front-office brains, the low-stress environment of Joe Maddon and deep, effective starting pitching. Both will make the postseason, but Jay thinks the Red Sox will win the AL East thanks to the Jake Peavy acquisition. Jay continues to sound alarms for what is left of sports journalism, criticizing ESPN for caving to commissioner Roger Goodell’s pressure and yanking its affiliation/involvement from an anti-NFL concussions investigation with PBS. In ceding to Goodell, ESPN is telling consumers — the cable/satellite customers who pay $5.54 a month for ESPN affiliate fees — that the public trust isn’t as important as maintaining a multi-billion-dollar relationship with the NFL. Nothing like an unsettled quarterback situation to make an NFL fan freak out in late August; Jay discusses the Jets/Rex Ryan fiasco, Josh Freeman in Tampa Bay, Terrelle Pryor in Oakland and whoever is left in Buffalo. Jay takes callers. Jay wonders if the mob, as reported by ESPN, really fixed the Billie Jean KIng-Bobby RIggs tennis match in 1973.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: August 26, 2013:
Jay thinks America should root for the Rays and reminds people this isn’t a new story — the Tampa Bay Way has been established for years and clearly works for the long term, though he’s not sure any other small-revenue shop can pull it off as Matt Silverman, Andrew Friedman and Maddon have. Jay can’t talk enough about Miguel Cabrera, who moved past last week’s injury scare to continue mashing toward a possible second Triple Crown, which would be a mind-boggling feat in sports history. Jay includes the Pirates, the team of his Pittsburgh youth, as another baseball story for which America should root. Jay thinks Rex Ryan has lost more than a lot of weight — he also has lost his organizational power, his presence, his voice and any chance of succeeding this season. Jay points out that Fox Sports 1 has abysmal ratings. Jay takes callers. Jay says you don’t have to like Tiger Woods, but you have to feel for him when his back gives out and he crumples to the ground in pain.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: August 26, 2013:
Jay says Jay Cutler and Josh Freeman are the NFL’s biggest quarterbacking teases, which is why both are in franchise-year limbo before their teams commit to long-term, big-money futures. Jay suggests Matt Forte as a high pick in fantasy-football drafts. Jay continues his discussion about ESPN’s conflicts of interest and says he’s worried for every fine journalist in the building. He also points out how ESPN, according to a brilliant New York Times enterprise story, has turned college sports programs into professional kingdoms and become too influential in how college presidents make decisions. Jay comforts the audience: Tim Tebow survived another cut day in New England.

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