Magic’s Nikola Vucevic Suffers Concussion

Vucevic Griffin

Orlando Magic’s Nikola Vucevic took a nasty fall after rolling off Blake Griffin’s back and landing on his head and hip during the third quarter against the L.A. Clippers Monday night. He walked off on his own power and was later diagnosed with a concussion.

This was Vucevic’s first game back after dealing with a sprained ankle.

Vucevic is familiar with concussions as he suffered a concussion last season.

Concussions are a taken very seriously by the NBA and Vucevic will have to follow the protocol before returning.

Prior to each season, each player receives concussion education and undergo testing of baseline brain function with neurological and cognitive tests. He will undergo these same tests and compare results to see where he stands.

Vucevic will be held out of all activity until he is symptom free and has successfully completed the NBA concussion return-to-participate exertion protocol.

This process involves several steps, which include a stationary bike, jogging, agility work and non-contact team drills. Vucevic will have to complete each step of this process symptom free. If he does experience symptoms he must return to the last step.

Once he successfully completes the NBA concussion return-to-participate exertion protocol, the Magic’s physician will discuss Vucevic’s return with Dr. Jeffery Kutcher, the Director of the NBA’s Concussion Program.

The last time Vucevic suffered a concussion, he was out for five games.