Magic Johnson Wants to Own Any NBA Team

Everyone is expecting to hear the news that Donald Sterling is out and [insert name here] is in as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Magic Johnson has been the focus of some of Sterling’s racist comments and ever since, Johnson has been interested in owning the NBA team.

According to NBC Sports, Johnson thinks he really can become the new owner. He said he’s confident that it would be easy.

“I could be an owner tomorrow. I could have been an owner. My friends who own Golden State asked me to join them. I could have been an owner of the Golden State Warriors. My friend Tom Gores owns Detroit Pistons. I could be an owner tomorrow with the Pistons. He asked me to come be part-owner of the Detroit Pistons,” Johnson said.

At first, it seemed that Johnson was passionate about taking over for the Clippers because he wanted to rid the organization of the “filth” left by Sterling. He wanted to take over to create a new, positive image for team.

Well, scratch that. Johnson wants to be the owner because, well, he wants to be an owner.

“What I really would want to do is own the Lakers,” Johnson said.

Oh, so now he wants a part in the other Los Angeles team? I’m confused. I know he has a lot of money and his name alone can essentially make him the owner of almost anything, but I thought Magic Johnson was in it for a good reason.

I’m not saying Johnson is a bad guy but I was under the assumption that once Sterling was out, Johnson would just swoop in and bring the Clippers rainbows and butterflies to help forget about the racist Sterling.

I guess not. Should we prepare ourselves for a new power hungry Johnson if he takes over?

For now, we will wait to see who claims the “Lost” Angeles franchise.