LeBron’s New Shoes: Black, White and Cavs Colors?

Independence Day weekend is inching closer but before we start the fireworks, LeBron James is lightning some of his own.

James’ new shoes have officially been released and the NBA Store is selling them. Something we noticed about the shoes right away are the colors.

The description of the shoes on the NBA Store says that these shoes are designed specifically for LeBron’s game. The “leaner and lower-to-the-ground design” enahnces play and it helps keep you comfortable on the court.

The shoe is supposed to be red, white and blue but it doesn’t look that patriotic. The official colors for Cleveland are wine, gold and navy blue.

We are not the only ones to notice that distinction between the shoe color and the Cleveland Cavaliers shoes. Fans seems to think that the resemblance is almost too close to NOT resemble them on purpose.