LeBron Bashes Miami Heat’s Defense

lebron_james_2013MIAMI — The Miami Heat’s sluggish play isn’t sitting well with LeBron James, who vented his frustration after Monday’s practice amid the team’s 4-3 start to the season.

“It’s simple,” James said as the Heat prepared for Tuesday’s home game against the Milwaukee Bucks. “These first seven games, we’re playing like s— defensively. It’s that simple. We’re not a sugarcoat team. We came in and got right down to it. We’re terrible on defense, and we’ve got to change that.”

James’ comments came on the heels of the Heat’s 111-110 loss Saturday to the Boston Celtics, who won on a buzzer-beating 3-pointer by Jeff Green after overcoming a four-point deficit in the final 3.6 seconds. The shot from Green capped a relentless performance by the Celtics, who took advantage of Miami’s lethargic defensive effort throughout the game.

Source: Michael Wallace, ESPN.com