Pac-12 Commish Wants Change To NBA Age-Limit Rule

If there’s one group of people at the college level who could spur the NBA to change its age-limit rule, could it be major-conference athletic directors?

Let’s see if Larry Scott’s words echo loud enough to mobilize eventual change. The Pac-12 commissioner recently said he’s tired of the “one-and-done” nature of college basketball and wants to change standards and procedure when it comes to players being eligible for the NBA.

Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic reported Scott’s philosophy and opinion on the matter from last week’s Pac-12 football media day. And when a basketball issue creeps into the preseason football party, you know it’s quite a big deal. So here we go again.

But with college sports on the brink of overhaul, Scott feels it’s time to alter a system that lets student-athletes “be on our campuses for less than 12 months.”