Knicks Will Still Be 3-Point Happy

Knicks_Anthony_2013Last season the Knicks broke every NBA 3-point-shooting record known to man and machine. They took more (2371) 3-pointers and made more (891) than any team ever.

But now their two best deep shooters percentage wise Steve Novak (.425) and Chris Copeland (.421) are gone along with Jason Kidd (.351) who was spectacular from deep early. No worries the Knicks say. They still have Iman Shumpert (.402) Pablo Prigioni (.396) Carmelo Anthony (.379) Raymond Felton (.360) and J.R. Smith (.356).

Plus they have imports Andrea Bargnani (.361 career) Beno Udrih (.352) and Metta World Peace (.342 career). But maybe most importantly they still have coach Mike Woodson’s commitment to the 3-pointer.