Joel Embiid’s Agent Not Providing Medical Records

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid, likely a top 5 (or 3) pick in the NBA Draft on Thursday, is not giving his medical reports to all NBA teams. At least his agent isn’t.

This is likely to keep Embiid from being drafted into a poor situation and/or team. If a team can’t see what kind of issues he’s dealing with in regards to his broken foot, they’re less likely to draft him. It’s a genius tactic from Tellum, and 100 percent fair, even though it sounds unfair and dirty.

This won’t thwart all teams though. There is most likely a rogue GM out there who is willing to take a shot at Embiid, medical records or not — let him heal up and see what he can do.

Broken foot injuries have set some guy’s careers on hold (Brook Lopez) and completely ended careers (Yao Ming), so it’s understandable why teams would hesitate to draft Embiid. Its also understandable that this leads to no promise in terms of where his career leads. Futhermore, it’s understandable why the medical records of a high projected draft pick would be important to obtain. But Tellum isn’t making that a walk in the park for GM’s.